c. Made by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, London.
      2. Upper part—Jesus Preaching from the Ship.
            Lower part—Washing the Disciples' Feet.
            a. In memory of—
                  James Barnes, U. S. A., died Feb. 12, 1869.
                  Charlotte A. Barnes, died Sept. 12, 1875.
                  General Barnes was a vestryman during the
                  rectorship of the Rev. Henry W. Lee, a
                  graduate of West Point in 1829, a Civil War
                  veteran, and a builder of railroads.
            b. Given by their son in 1900.—To replace those
                  given by their children in 1876.
            c. Made by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, London.
      3. Upper part—The Ascension.
            Lower part—The Nativity.
            a. In memory of—
                  The Rt. Rev. Henry W. Lee, D. D.—Son of Col.
                  Roswell Lee. Founder of Christ Church. Died
                  Sept. 26, 1874.
            b. Given by members of the family.
            c. Made by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, London.
      4. Upper part—The Healing of the Lame Man, by St.
            Peter and St. John.
            Lower part—The Last Supper.
            a. In memory of—
                  John B. Stebbins, died Jan. 13, 1899.
                  Maria Stebbins, died Mar. 12, 1891.
                  Mr. Stebbins was senior warden for thirty-
                  six years and a leader in building the
                  present Christ Church.
            b. Given by their daughters, Miss Annie C.
                  Stebbins and Miss M. Louise Stebbins, in 1900.
            c. Made by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, London.
      5. Upper part—St. Paul Preaching on Mars Hill.
            Lower part—Saul Studying at the Feet of Gamaliel.
            a. In memory of—


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