James D. Brewer, died Feb. 7, 1886.
                Sarah P. Brewer, died Apr. 17, 1886.
                Mr. Brewer was a descendant of the Rev.
                Daniel Brewer, pastor of the First Church;
                a warden for many years and leader in the
                building of the present Christ Church.
            b. Given by their children, Harriet Brewer Corcoran
                and Edward S. Brewer, in 1900.
            c. Made by Heaton, Butler, & Bayne, London.

II. South Transept.
    A. Wheel Window.
        1. Scenes from the life of Christ and Angels.
            a. Probably in memory of—
                Gen. James W. Ripley, Dec. 10, 1794-1870.
                General Ripley was a Commandant in the
                United States Armory.
            b. Given by his daughter, Mary Louise Ripley,
                in 1876.
            c. Made by Otto Falch & Co., Boston.
    B. Clerestory—
        1. Abraham.
            a. Not a memorial.
            b. Given by general subscription in 1910.
            c. Made by C. E. Kempe & Co., London.
        2. Moses—
            a. In memory of—
                Theodore Freylinghuysen Breck, 1844-1904.
                "A Beloved Physician."
            b. Given by his wife, Mrs. Helen C. Breck, in 1910.
            c. Made by C. E. Kempe & Co., London.
    C. Aisle.
        *1. Conventional Floral Design.
            a. In memory of—
                Samuel McNary—
                One of the first wardens under the Rev. H.
                W. Lee in 1838. A member of the "Armory


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