c. Made by C. E. Kempe & Co., London.
        3. Pelican Feeding her Young.
            a. In memory of—
                Mrs. A. E. Hall, died Apr. 6, 1874.
            b. Given by her daughters, the Misses Alice, Fanny,
                and Martha Hall, and Mrs. Curtiss, in 1876.
            c. Made by Otto Falch & Co., Boston.
        4. and 5. Conventional Floral Design.
            a. In memory of—
                Georgianna Clough Child, Dec. 13, 1819-Sept.
                13, 1858. Wife of the Rev. Wm. S. Child.
            b. Given by her children in __________.
            c. Made by ______________.


I. Vestibule Stairway.
        1. The Guardian Angel.
            a. In memory of—
                Robert Fenner Nichols—Dec. 21, 1879-Jan. 24, 1888.
            b. Given by his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
                C. A. Nichols, in 1889.
            c. Made by Tiffany Bros., New York.

II. Chancel-Windows and Chancel Decorations.
        1. Mary Magdalene at the Tomb.
            a. In memory of—
                Daniel Putnam Crocker—Apr. 16, 1840-Feb. 10, 1887.
                A vestryman under the Rev. Alexander Burgess,
                D. D. The first one to give a subscription to
                the Parish House.
            b. Given by Mrs. Daniel Crocker in 1889.
            c. Made by John La Farge, New York.
III. West Aisle—
        †1. A Prophet.—"O rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him."


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