a. In memory of"
                William Jones, October 26, 1812-Nov. 3, 1888.
                A subscriber to the Parish House.
            b. Given by Mis. William Jones, in 1889.
            c. Made by John La Farge, New York.
IV. East Aisle.
        †1. "A Soldier of Jesus Christ. "A just man and one that
            feareth God, and of good report among men."
            a. In memory of—
                Col. James Benton—Sept. 15,1820-Aug. 22,1881.
                "A true soldier." Commandant of the United
                States Armory.
            b. Given by Mrs. James Benton, (?) in 1889.
            c. Made by John La Farge, New York.
        2. The Boy Samuel.
            a. In memory of—
                Frank Clark Gilmore—Sept. 15, 1871-Feb. 10,
            b. Given by his parents, Major and Mrs. Homer G.
                Gilmore, in 1889.
            c. Made by John La Farge, New York.

*Stars indicate that these windows are now replaced by those listed in Catalogue Supplement" on page ( ). †"Col. Benton was a Commandant in the Armory. Mr. Jones was a workman in the Armory. The windows were placed facing each other as an attempt to express the equality of the officer and the mechanic in the eyes of God."

    C. Aisle.
        1. St. Basil.
            "S'ctus Basilius Magnus."
            "They that wait upon the Lord
            Shall renew their strength;


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