The Alms-basin rests on the Credence. Encircling the outer edge of the upper side is the inscription: "Lord of thine own have we given Thee." Thecenter of the basin is exquisitely engraved. Encircling the outer edge of the underside is engraved the inscription: "Presented to Christ Church Springfield by the Sunday-School of the church of the Good Shepard, West Springfield, Trinity Sunday, 1876." This Alms-basin was used for the first time in the evening of that day. Then Bishop Paddock confirmed the first class, in the new church. The table was placed under the Credence, at the time the new choir stalls were put in place.—S.H.F.


         The plain desk that was part of the furnishings of the Armory Hill Chapel was, no doubt, a plain four-legged table that served as Altar, Lectern, and Pulpit. The old pulpit in the State Street Church was a small, wooden, high desk in general appearance very much like the lectern. One stood at the north side, the other at the south side of the chancel. In the absence of choir stalls, they were very near the altar. There was no sounding board. When the present Christ Church was built a stone pulpit was placed in the same relative position. That and the chancel steps were gifts form Dr. Alexander Burgess. The pulpit is now in Grace Church, Chicopee. It picturesque sounding board, held in place by large brass chains was a duplicate of the one in Trinity Church, Boston. That and the lamp were given by Mrs. T. M. Granger as a thank-offering for recovery from a critical illness. Recognition of these gifts was made at the Morning Service, June 11, 1898.
         The beautifully carved pulpit is a memorial to the Rev. John Cotton Brooks. It was dedicated by Bishop Lawrence, a classmate and intimate friend of Mr. Brooks. At the service of dedication, Bishop Lawrence spoke very feelingly and gratefully of Mr. Brooks's life and work and assured Christ Church that a pulpit was just the memorial her former rector would have chosen had he been consulted.


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