and the cross and vases by J. and R. Lamb. The altar books used there were given by Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawkins, in memory of their son Harold Windsor Hawkins. The greater part of the furnishings of the Parish House Chapel was brought down to the Transept Chapel. One prayer-desk only is needed there, so the other is now in use in St. Andrew's Mission, Longmeadow. The books used on the Low Altar were formerly on the High Altar and were presented by Christ Church Guild. On their covers is the inscription — "In Memory of John Cotton Brooks." The candlesticks were given by the Misses Stebbins during Mr. McGann's rectorship. -- S.H.F.


         Christ Church is most fortunate in the procession of so much of the work of the great modern architect, Mr. Henry Vaughn, who conceived, in the Gothic spirit, so much that was lovely. Our stately processional Cross, with the fleur-de-lis as the dominant decorative note, is one of these treasures. Its perfect workmanship was executed by Gorham and Co. It was presented to Christ Church by Miss M. Louise Stebbins as a memorial to her nephew. It bears the inscription — "To the Glory of God, and in loving Memory of William Thornton Parker, Junior " 1876-1900." —S.H.F.


         When Christ Church parishioners were trying to raise funds for the present building, a group of young girls in the Sunday School organized for the purpose of helping the good work. They called themselves "The Stone Hewers" and chose for their emblem a piece of unhewn building stone with a hammer and chisel. At Easter time they paced the money they had raised on their emblem and one of their number carried it forward for presentation. "The Stone Hewers" gave the Credence, and their emblem was embedded by the masons in the wall directly back of it.


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