drawers of the chest are of such a size that the Altar hangings lie flat and opened to their entire width. These drawers are on rollers and can be easily pulled out, to allow for the caring of the contents.
         The hangings are lovely in materials and embroidery. There are two sets of white ones, one used more commonly and ornamented by a very richly embroidered gold cross. This was made by the Altar Guild. The white set used on High Festivals, such as Christmas and Easter, and which was made by the Sisters of St. John Baptist in new York, was the gift of Mrs. W. W. Broga in memory of her father, Mr. James E. Mackintosh. The purple hangings used in Advent and Lent were made by the Altar Guild, while the green ones used on all days not Feasts or having special significance, was given by Mrs. W. C. Simons, and was made by the Sisters of St, John Baptist in New York. The red set, made also by these sisters, was given by Miss Ellen W. Egbert, in memory of her grandmother, Mrs. Nathan Adams.
         In this chest is kept the pall used at funerals. It was made by the Sisters of St. Margaret in Boston. The inscription beautifully embroidered reads, "External rest, grant unto them O Lord, and light perpetual shine upon them." The church borrowed a pall to use at the funeral of the Right Rev. Alexander H. Vinton, D. D., first Bishop of this Diocese as they did not have one at that time. This pall given by Mr. Skinner was borrowed by Roman Catholic Diocese for use at the funeral of the late Bishop Beaven. When a pall is used it is not customary to place flowers on the casket.
         Among the Altar linens kept in the smaller drawers of the chest if the Fair Linen Cloth given by Mr. Ernest W. Baxter in memory of his mother. The lace, made by his sister, and the embroidery of this piece are beautiful. There is also a linen Credence Table cover given by Mrs. H. K. Baker, while the piece of exquisite Mexican drawn work and embroidery used in Christ church as a corporal was the gift of Mrs. Frank Wesson. The use of colors, marking the church seasons was


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