first used in Christ Church in Mr. Brooks' rectorship. Among the richly embroidered pulpit-hangings is the white one given by the Rev. and Mrs. William Austin Smith in memory of their little daughter who died while Mr. Smith was rector of St. Paul's Church, Milwaukee; the red one given by Mrs. Theresa Smith, mother of the Rev. William Austin Smith in memory of her infant granddaugher who died in Christ Church rectory; the purple one given by Miss Annie Stebbins and the green given by Mrs. Rachael Rising Woods Bosworth in memory of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Rising. A white alms basin cover made by herself, was presented by Mrs. Emma Carpenter.
         The Bible Markers are of interest. The first white set, now used in the Chapel Bible was given by Mrs. John L. Egbert; the red set by Miss Mabel Martin at one time a teacher in the McDuffie School. The green set was given by Mrs. Wm. C. Simons. On Easter, 1926, a new set of white markers given by Christ Church Guild and made by the Sisters of St. Margaret in Boston, was used for the first time.
         For some years, Jane Carter, when colored cook at McDuffie's School, laundered the altar linen. She waited until all other members of the household were asleep and then did this work reverently singing hymns.
         The chairs in this room were the gift of Miss Stebbins, as was also the bas-relief of the Virgin and Child over the piscina. The relief over the chest depicts angels with the instruments of the passion of our Lord; the nails, the crown of thorns, the torch, the sponge and the cross and was the gift of Dr. Slattery. The pictures were the gift of the Rev. Wm. Austin Smith.—L.M.


         The Christ Church School banner was given by the Rev. Charles Lewis Slattery, D. D. It was made and embroidered by Miss Egbert, Miss Annie Knight, and Mrs. Baxter. The crown at the top was copied from the one on the red frontal


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