were used toward buying land and building a chapel on King St. Bishop Phillips Brooks made his first official visit to Springfield when he and his brother, the Reverend John Cotton Brooks, conducted the services at the laying of the cornerstone of this chapel, in October, 1891. The building was consecrated by Bishop Brooks in June, 1892. later the mission was converted into an independent parish, the beautiful stone church on Buckingham Street was built and the chapel sold. The cornerstone of the new church was laid by Bishop Vinton, November, 1905. The first service was held there on St. Peter's Day, June 29, 1906. The church was consecrated in September, 1919 by Bishop Davies. The Reverend Mr. Hayes, followed by the Rev. Mr. Atkinson, assistants in Christ Church during the rectorship of Rev. Mr. Brooks, had charge of the Mission. The rectors since the time when it was made an independent parish have been the Rev. J. F. Ballantyne, the Rev. John A. Staunton, Jr., the Rev. Wm. Taylor Dakin, the Rev. C. Morton Murray and the Rev. John Harrison Nolan.
         During the past few years the parish has become so large that curates have been called to assist in the work of the church. One of the curates, the Rev. Charles Edwin Hill, became the first rector of All Saints' Church, Springfield, which was a mission of St. Peter's.
         The Rev. John Harrison Nolan is present rector. The church is in a flourishing condition, filling an important place in the life of Springfield.


         This mission was started by Mrs. James Benton during Dr. Burgess' rectorship, but continued only a short time. It was held in Gunn's Hall on the corner of State and Walnut Sts. Mr. Sewall Hodgdon was superintendent, and Miss Holmes (Mrs. E. P. Kendrick) organist. Among the teachers were Miss Holmes, Mr. Sewall Hodgson, who brought his sons, Arthur and Wilson, Miss Gunn (Mrs. Wm. C. Simons) and Mrs. Luman Ball. Mrs. Benton conducted the only sewing class formed in a mission in Springfield.


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