Dr. Henry W. Lee was the guiding spirit of Grace Church, Chicopee, during her early years. He organized the parish, April 6, 1846, with 18 members. Under his inspiration and with his help, it was able to secure an occasional resident rector, the first being the Reverend Charles B. Fisher, who began his duties in May, 1846. Dr. Child, Dr. McKnight, and Dr. Burgess each took an active interest in this mission.
         Grace Church, now a mission of the Diocese made noteworthy progress under the guidance of the conscientious, hardworking, efficient young minister-in-charge, the Reverend George Burgess, who is now rector in Milford, Mass. The present minister-in-charge is the Rev. Alfred De Forest Snively.


         The Mission of St. Peter was started in 1869 in the Central Street School by Mr. John Louis Stebbins, son of the senior warden, during the rectorship of the Rev. Alexander Burgess, D. D. and Mr. F. M. Pudan succeeded Mr. Stebbins as superintendents of the Sunday School. Miss Elizabeth Stebbins (Mrs. Wm. T. Parker), Mrs. Elias Brookings, Mr. James B. Safford and Mrs. Elisha Gunn were workers here. Monthly services for the Sunday School and for the parents of the children were held in a hall near the "Watershops." Services were discontinued for a while; but when the Rev. J. C. Brooks was rector, $10,000.00 was given to build a suitable chapel for St. Peter's. This was the only mission in Springfield which has earned its offerings and put them in the savings bank. These offerings, which amounted to $5,000.00


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