Springfield — and there was no one to be found with sufficient influence and means to save the property. About 1883 the little church was sold to the parish in Wareham, Massachusetts, taken down and floated down the river. It is still standing in Wareham."
         The late Archdeacon Sniffen said, of the revival of the Mission: "After several weeks of preliminary visiting early in the year 1908 we held the first service in many years in West Springfield, at 265 Main Street with an attendance of twenty-five persons, an offering of $5.56, and a sermon from the text, "We walk by faith and not by sight." These rooms were sublet from the Woman's Auxiliary of the Y.M.C.A. Services were held once a month for many years. A Sunday School was soon organized and presided over by Miss Gertrude Chadwick of St. Paul's Church, Holyoke. The school was held every Sunday afternoon.
         "In September, 1913,, the Rev. Alfred DeForest Snively, Curate of Christ Church, took charge of the Mission, which had outgrown the rooms at 365 Main Street, and so moved into a vacant shop two doors below, where we remained until June, 1915, when the Rev. Mr. Snively was succeeded by the Rev. Walter Handley. Rev. Mr. Handley's first act was to move the Mission into the new and convenient hall of the local Grange, where we located for a time, but which we have now outgrown. During Mr. Handley's stewardship, a splendid lot was purchased at the corner of Elm and Southworth Streets, a more desirable location.
         In 1920 we again came under Mr. Snively's care, as he became Diocesian Missionary. We immediately began to make plans for the erection of a building on out lot. After studying pros and cons, a portable Church was erected and there we now worship. It was formally opened on Easter Sunday, Mar. 27, 1921, by the Bishop, the Right Reverend Thomas F. Davies. At that time a class was confirmed."
         This building is well equipped, the Altar being given by the Rev. Kinsley Blodgett, rector of St. Mark's Church, Worcester.


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