The choir stalls and seats for the congregation came from Christ Church while the Cross is a memorial to the late Mrs. Grant, who was the mother of Mrs. Grieves, a woman who has done much for the Mission. The candlesticks given by his wife are a memorial to the late Archdeacon Sniffen. A lectern had been placed in the chapel in memory of the Rev. Walter Handley, loved, honored and respected, who made the supreme sacrifice in France during the late war. A Memorial Fund of $500 for Mr. Handley was also given by Mrs. Anna M. Carter of Christ Church.
         Those, of the clergy, who have been in charge of the Mission in West Springfield are Archdeacon Sniffen, Rev. Charles Hill, formerly rector of All Saints' Springfield, Rev. Alfred DeF. Snively, Rev. Walter Handley, Rev. Charles M. Tubbs, Rev. Fred Sleep, Rev. William E. Soule, and the Rev. Arthur Brown, who is now rector. Mr. Henry D. Colton who died Jan. 17, 1926, was for many years warden of the mission and a lay reader. He was a devout churchman and gave generously of his time and money. His entire estate after the payment of a few small legacies was left to the building fund of the Church of the Good Shepherd, West Springfield. It was also the beneficiary of a life insurance policy taken out some years ago. The amount from this is in the hands of the Trustees of the Diocese and is known as the Henry Day Colton Memorial Endowment Fund," the income of which is to be used for the upkeep of the parish.


         The mission of St. John was first started at the North End under the Rev. Alexander Burgess, D. D., in the Auburn Street school house, with Mr. John Shipman as Superintendent. In those days this was near the northerly end of Main St. This mission was closed by the Rev. Mr. Brooks in 1878 when Christ Church was heavily burdened by debt.
         During the rectorship of Rev. Dr. Slattery in September, 1908, the North End Mission was opened in the Universalist Church. There was held a Sunday School at three p.m. and


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