a part of the time there was an evening service. The Rev. A. DeF. Snively was in charge until June 1910, the Rev. Hugh Wallace Smith succeeding him in the fall. Among those who were taught and otherwise helped in this School were Mrs. Evelyn Hitchcock, Mrs. Theodore Breck and Mr. John Shipman. The mission continued for two years, Deaconess Lovell succeeding the Rev. Mr. Smith as director of the Sunday School.
         In September, 1913, the Rev. Mr. Snively returned to Christ Church and re-opened the Mission Sunday School in a store on Birnie Avenue where it continued throughout one or two winters.
         St. Andrew's of Longmeadow, St. David's of Agawam and St. Barnabas' of Sumner Ave., are mission founded by the Diocese, which thus carries on a work begun by Christ Church in 1846.



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