absence from the city for a few years, Mr. Thomas Pulsifer Dean served as superintendent. Mr. Craig remembers the school back in 1867-1869 during the Rev. Mr. McKnight's rectorship, when it was held in the basement of the old State Street Church. Among the teachers there, were Miss Adams, who later became Mrs. Egbert, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Rowland, Miss Annie Lee, and the Misses Stella and Louise Warren. A little later, among the teachers, we find the names of Mrs. Alexander Burgess, Mr. Van Rensaeler, Mr. Francis Norton, Mrs. Edmund Kendrick, Miss Blaisdell and Mr. Safford.
         Many interesting customs were started during those years in the old State Street Church. One of these was, for every class to have an emblem, as, for instance, a cross, a lamb or a crook. When the name of that class was called at the Easter Sunday afternoon service, a pupil, holding aloft the class emblem, carried the class offering to the chancel. In those days, was started the custom, since discontinued, of giving each child on Easter Sunday afternoon, a blossoming plant.
         At the time of the Rev. Dr. Burgess' rectorship, the pupils numbered about one hundred. From this number the school grew until under Mr. Craig there was an enrollment of between four and five hundred pupils.
         While Mr. Craig was superintendent the books of the old School Library, which had outgrown its usefulness, were sold for five cents each. With this money was started the nucleus of a Teachers' Library; also an oak case in which to keep these books was bought. A book plate for use in the Teachers' books was designed by Miss Theodora Knight, a member of the Library committee, whose other members were Miss Leslie Chapin and Mrs. Ernest W. Baxter.
         In 1916 the Rev. John Moore McGann, under the expert supervision of Miss Frances Withers reorganized the school, changing the time of meeting from noon to nine-thirty in the morning. At this time was introduced the Christian Nurture Series of lessons, and the school graded to correspond with he public schools. Rev. John Wallace Suter, later the head of


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