Religious Education in the Diocese of Massachusetts,, soon became the head of the school, followed by Mrs. Annie H. Brown, and later by the Rev. Benjamin Louis Ramsey. The Rev. F. Vernon Losee is the present superintendent.
         It is perhaps fitting to speak of one or two gifts to the school. One is these is the carved oak Alms Basin, given as the inscription tells us in memory of "Ward Lee Amsden, December 2, 1886-July 4, 1905. The Lord loveth a cheerful giver." In February 1909, Mrs. Sidney Stevens gave a set of tubular chimes to the Sunday School. The "Chronicle" of that date says:— "They are rung at the opening of the school and at the end of the lessons. They are uncommonly musical and bring a sense of harmony into the confusion, when seats are being reversed and classes are coming to order. It is a valuable addition to the equipment." In 1916, a member of the Parish presented the school with a copy of the Hastings' five-volume Dictionary of the Bible. The brass processional cross used by the Primary Department was bought with money raised by the children. This was done while Mrs. Brown was superintendent. In the Diocesan House, where the Primary Department of the school now holds its sessions, hangs a new picture with a message to little children. This print is notably true in color to the original painting, "The Star of Bethlehem" by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, which is now in Birmingham Art Gallery, England. The copy was purchased there and presented to the school by Miss Cordelia Sargent. Mrs. Brown also started the Branch of Little Helpers, in 1914. A quotation from a report by the present leader of the Little Helpers may show the importance of the work and what has been accomplished: "The Little Helpers Branch was first known as the Cradle Roll of the Church School, and was considered a regular department of the school under the control or supervision of the Woman's Auxiliary. A short time later there was a definite step forward in the work of children of pre-school age, for the Cradle Roll combined with the Little Helpers, under Mrs. Brown's direction or leadership. Until 1919 the department of Little Helpers was


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