The Union Trust Company of Springfield, Mass. under agreement with the Warden and Treasurer has been appointed Trustee of the Fund. The income will be at least 5 per cent.


         At a meeting of the Vestry Dec. 13, 1926, the Rector announced the gift of Mrs. William C. Simons of a Trust Fund of $20,000 as a memorial to her brother Elisha Gunn, a life-long member of this Parish who died October 1926. This fund is to be known as the Elisha Gunn Fund and the income is to be used for the general expenses of the Parish.
         The Union Trust Company of Springfield, Mass. is the Trustee of this fund and the income will be at least 5 per cent.


         This fund was started in December 1924 following the visit to this Parish of the Rev. George P. Atwater, D. D., of Ohio. The object of the fund is to gradually accumulate an endowment by small but numerous periodically repeated gifts from, it is hoped, ultimately every member of the Parish and to use the interest thereon for general expenses. By vote of the Vestry the Wardens and the Treasurer of the Church were appointed Trustees of the Fund. It is on deposit in the Springfield National Bank and with interest which has been permitted to accumulate now April 1927— amounts to $3060.


         By the will of Mary J. Baldwin (who died April 20, 1897) a legacy of #3500.00 was left to Christ Church "the income of which shall be used for the relief of the sick and poor of Christ Church under directions of the Rector, Wardens and Vestry of said Church." The fund is on deposit in the Institution for Savings and the income, about $140.00 is paid by the Treasurer of the Church semi-annually to the Rector who disburses it for the purposes specified in the will of the donor.


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