By gifts from Miss Lucy Morton there was receives at different times in 1912 and 1913 a total of $900.00 of which the income was to be used "for the sick and poor of Christ Church Parish." At first the incomes was permitted to accumulate until with the principal it sufficed for the purchase of a $1000.00 Fourth Liberty Loan 4 ¼% bond, but is now paid semi-annually by the Treasurer to the Rector for the purposes specified by the donor.


         In October 1894 there was received from Elizabeth Adams the sum of $1000.00 "to be kept as a permanent fund, the income to be used for repairs, maintenance and expenses of the Parish House." The fund is on deposit in the Institution for Savings, and the income is used as required for the purposes specified by the donor.
         In June 1903 there was received by Elizabeth Adams $400.00 "to be kept as a permanent fund; the income to be used for purchasing the Christmas presents for the children of the Sunday School." The fund is invested in bonds of the Consolidated Electric Co. of California and the annual income ($20.00) is paid by the Treasurer of the Parish to the Assistant Clergyman in charge of the Church School, for the purpose specified by the donor.
         Elizabeth Adams also made a gift of $1000 to the Springfield Hospital in behalf of Christ Church, stipulating that the income be used to provide free bed service for the sick and poor of Christ Church Parish. Later, Mrs. Adams and Nathan Adams, her son, added enough more money to this endowment fund for the Christ Church bed to amount to $10,242.21. In the use of this bed all Christ Church people are to have the preference.


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