General Committee

Henry W. Ely
Joseph B. ELy
Edgar L. Gillett
Frank Grant
James C. Greenough
Willis S. Kellogg
Joseph A. Kenyon
Arthur S. Kneil
John R. King
Charles J. Little
William B. Reed
Archie D. Robinson
George W. Searle
Fred F. Shepard
Matthew W. Shine
Edwin W. Smith
William T. Smith

Reception Committee

Chester H. Abbe
S. Augustus Allen
Prof. Lewis B. Allyn
Henry W. Ashley
Ida C. Ashley
Mrs. Lucy Collins Atwater
Dr. James B. Atwater
Rev. David B. Averon
Mrs. Lilliam Campbell Avery
Rev. William S. Ayres
Mrs. Mary Morse Bartlett
Charles H. Beals
Frances T. Boise
Dr. George W. Brace
Charles J. Bradley
Mrs. Martha Ingersoll Breckenridge
Charles A. Brodeur
William K. Buschmann
Andrew L. Bush
Homer Bush
Joseph D. Cadle
Grace Carroll
Mrs. Carrie Toby Clark
Dr. Frederick T. Clark
Mrs. Nellie Ensign Conner
Thomas J. Cooley
Harvey J. Cleveland
Mrs. James Arthur Crane
Rev. Adolph Dasler
Eliza M. Doane
Daniel F. Doherty
Dr. Archibald J. Douglas
Mrs. Theodora W. Reed Drysdale
Mrs. Jane Bush Dyson
Herbert S. Eaton
Mrs. Sarah Buell Ely
William H. Ensign
Rev. Geo. M. Fitzgerald
Charles R. Fowler
Edward T. Fowler
Mrs. Ellen Sibley Fuller
John J. Fuller
Mrs. Florence Lawton Furber
Charles M. Gardner
Mrs. Eliza Smith Gaylord
Mrs. Sarah Dean Gaylord
Mrs. Ada Hedges Gibbs
Lucy D. Gillett
Robert Gowdy
Mrs. Ellen Peebees Grant
Martha Hall
Frank D. Hamilton
Edwin B. Hedges
Dr. Robert D. Hildreth
Jrs. Joseph B. Hill
Mrs. Henrietta Holland
Mrs. Freda Steiger Hollister
Rev. Clement E. Holmes
Rev. Conrad Hooker
Elizabeth M. Hooker
Dr. Geroge H. Janes
Mrs. Minnie Caldwell Janes
Mrs. William H. Johnson
Louis L. Keefe
Rev. H. Arthur Kernen
Mrs. Emma Provin King
Mrs. Jane Avery Kingsbury
Herbert W. Kittredge
Edwin R. Lay
Helen E. Lewis
Mrs. Lillie Lamberton Little
Mrs. Grace Weller Loomis
Mrs. Mary Shepard Loomis
William J. McCarthy
Patrick J. McMahon
William B. Mahoney
Dr. Robert H. Marr
Mrs. Ira Miller
Morrell H. Moore
Richard J. Morrissey
Mrs. Nan Wilcox Moseley
Dr. Anngenette Fowler Noble
Howard G. Noble
James Noble, Jr.
Mrs. Eliza Noble
Dr. James J. Norton
Mrs. Sadie Morse Noble
Rev. Patrick J. O'Malley
Emma J. Osborne
Rev. A. D. Page
Frank C. Parker
Frederick L. Parker
Mrs. Mary Snow Parker
Mrs. Robert F. Parker
Oren B. Parks
Oren E. Parks
Rev. Augustine E. Phelps
Clarence K. Prince
Clara M. Reed
Mrs. Ethel Mallory Reed
Mrs. John R. Reed
Richard R. Reed
Richard D. Reed
Mrs. William B. Reed
Mrs. Ward Rees
Mrs. Mabel Shepard Robinson
Mrs. Belle Shepard Ronan
William R. Russell
Ray M. Sanford
Addie E. Shepard
Charles William Shepard
Fred H. Shepard
Mrs. Helen Foote Skiff
Mrs. Alice Shepard Smith
Dr. Edward S. Smith
Philip C. Smith
Mrs. Philip C. Smith
Rev. Robert Keating Smith
Mrs. Robert Keating Smith
Dexter A. Snow
Franklin A. Snow
Ellen W. Talmadge
Mrs. Edward Taylor
Harriet A. Taylor
Henry G. Taylor
Mary S. Thayer
Mrs. Etta Snow Turner
Mrs. Delia Lee Van Deusen
Col. Edward R. Van Deusen
Rev. Gabriel J. Van Roth
Rev. Kostantinas Vasilauska
Mrs. Mary Owen Walkley
Mrs. Etta Snow Waterman
Arthur F. Way
John T. Way
George E. Whipple
Mrs. Florence Fuller Whitney
Mrs. Maria Moseley Whitney
Dr. Walter H. Whitney
Mrs. Alice Walkley Winslow

Committee of Arrangements

Archie D. Robinson, Chairman
Mrs. Lucy Little Abbe
Park W. Allen
Leonard C. Atwater
William E. Atwater
Helen M. Austin
Charles E. Avery
Fannie Baber
Frank P. Barber
William L. Bartlett
Joseph D. Bates
Lindsay A. Bolio
Alice Crary Brown
Edward C. Bryan
Florence W. Burke
William Seth Bush
Sumner B. Campbell
Wilbur G. Cargill
Rose Carroll
Anna Clark
Edward G. Clark
James H. Clark
Dennis M. Cole
Mrs. George W. Colier
Dr. Wallace J. Collins
Arthur G. Cook
Mrs. Ethel King Cowles
Frank E. Cowles
Glenn B. Cowles
Harry A. Cowles
Edward G. Crotty
Charles A. Dewey
Frank S. Dewey
Lewis M. Dewey
Thomas J. Dewey, Jr.
Edward F. Diehl
Mrs. G. Fred Dill
Mrs. Eugene Doherty
Nellie A. Doherty
Cornelius F. Donovan
Dr. Julius M. Dutton
Mrs. Catherine Freed Ensign
Charles F. Ensworth
John P. Fogarty
Albert E. Fowler
Eloise I. Fowler
John H. Fowler
Mrs. Mary Allen Fowler
Louis M. Fuller
Lester E. Gibbs
Darwin L. Gillett
Harry W. Gladwin
Mrs. Leona Hale Gowdy
Archie O. Granger
Arthur E. Green
Mary Grant
J. Lyman Gray
Mrs. James W. Hagar
Henry W. Halbourg
Derwin G. Hamer
Mrs. Isabelle Gladwin Hedges
John J. Hearn
Malcolm B. Harding
Mrs. Edward A. Herrick
Charles A. Hickson
Edward E. Hinsman
Robert C. Hollister
William W. Hosmer
Harold E. Howard
George E. Hubbard
Edward H. Hull
Frederic Hull
Edwin M. Humphreville
Mrs. Charles P. Iles
Geroge E. Judson
Eliza E. Kellogg
Mrs. Mary Sizer Kenyon
Mrs. Sadie Barnes Knox
Mrs. Harry C. Lane
Maud A. Lewis
Rev. John H. Lockwood
Mrs. Axie Van Deusen Logie
Mrs. Fannie Parsons Loomis
George W. Loomis
Mrs. Mary Noble Loomis
Mary E. Lyman
Dr. Joseph Maroney
Mrs. James C. McCarthy
Preston T. Miller
Mrs. Frances Hassler Morrissey
Mrs. Richard Morrissey
Arthur C. Mosely
Harris B. Moulton
Horace G. Nelson
Clifton A. Noble
Mrs. Howard G. Noble
James M. Noble
Arthur G. Norton
Mrs. Frank C. Parker
Mrs. Rose Tracy Parker
Henry B. Prout
Harry B. Putnam
Ward Rees
Edith M. Robbins
Howard Shepard Robinson
George E. Robinson
Mrs. Julia Noble Rockwood
A. Romaine Ronan
Leona S. Ronan
Dr. Edward J. Sammons
Herbert O. Sanford
Mrs. Irene Sauter Sanford
Leigh Sanford
Fred Schmidt
Dr. Arthur T. Schoonmaker
Fred H. Scott
George H. Sharp
Dr. Wallace F. Shaw
Mrs. Charles W. Shepard
Edwin F. Shepard
Mrs. Mary Chapman Shine
Geo. T. Slauter
Charles G. Smith
Mrs. Clara Gibbs Smith
Edwin J. Smith
Mrs. Florence Ely Smith
Miss Louise E. Snow
Mary E. Steimer
Harry R. Stiles
Edward H. Taylor
James Tierney
Frederick J. Tooke
George A. Upson
Henry M. Van Deusen
Mrs. Mary Van Deusen
Spencer M. VanDeusen
Dr. George A. Walkley
Mrs. Jennie Austin Warren
Mrs. Nelly Shepard West
William C. Wholean
Bernard C. Wolcott
Mrs. Irma Dyson Wolcott

Special seats will be reserved in the stands for descendants of General William Shepard and for all descendants of other Revolutionary soldiers accredited to Westfield; also for members of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Order of Exercixes



Address by Mr. Henry W. Ely, Chairman of the Committee

Introduction to the Sculptor

Presentation of the Monument

Unveiling of the Monument by a descendant of General Shepard

Acceptance of the Monument


Addresses by distinguished invited guests

Hymn, "America"

Wednesday Evening

A banquet and fitting entertainment will be provided by the twon to welcome home the sons of Westfield, soldiers, sailors, and marines, who have been in the Service during the World War.

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