gift of Mrs. Ellen W. A. Egbert. Dr. Slattery illuminated some of the letters, and the borders of the pages of the Communion Service. Within the cover is written the words: "A Thank Offering for Many Blessings. All Saints Day, 1909, E. W. A. E."
         The book rest was given in memory of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks by Christ Church Guild which purposed to replace the prayer-book and hymnal as soon as the new edition is ready.
         One service of Sacred Vessels in whose honor the altar is built, consists of a flagon, two chalice, a paten and a ciborium, (A ciborium is a round covered dish, in which are kept the sacred wafers.) Around the base of the flagon is engraved the sentence: "This Communion Service is presented by George W. Winchester as a memorial of his wife and son, Mary A. Winchester and Samuel F. Winchester who were communicants of this church A. D. 1889." In addition to this service there is a paten with the inscription, "In Memoriam, Elizabeth Watkinson Adams, Easter, 1908." This was presented by Miss Ellen W. Egbert. There is also a paten and a ciborium presented by Mrs. Rachael Rising Woods Bosworth in memory of her husband. They bear the inscription "In Memoriam, Harold Hopkins Woods, All Saints Day 1916." Christ Church also has a plated service of Sacred Vessels that, until Dr. Slattery's rectorship was used for this chapel and early morning services. The sterling set was brought from the bank for the mid-day services only. This service was probably used in the old church. There is kept in the Sacistry a case containing a service of very small Vessels, which is taken to the sick in the parish. This was presented "In memory of Gilbert Wells, 1877-1911" by his mother. In consists of a cross, chalice, ciborium, paten, two cruets and a spoon.
         The priest's chair surmounted by a cross, stands at the south side of the altar and the bishop's chair, surmounted by a mitre stands at the north side. Of the six auxiliary chairs, four were given anonymously, and two by Christ Church Guild. Unfortunately the altar rail has no inscription, but it is believed to be


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