the gift of Mrs. Alexander Burgess. The plans for the chancel rail, the credence table and the altar were furnished by Lord and Fuller (1876).
         The triptych is a memorial to Mrs. Bessie Ware Thayer and Stuart Arthur Craig, two teaches of the Church School. It was presented by members of the Church School and friends. It was designed by Miss Cordelia Sargent, following the lines of "a lovely old Gothic triptych carved in ivory and wood, which now finds a home in one of our greatest museums. The working plan with measurements etc., together with directions as to decorations were then taken to Mr. Kirchmayer. Under his supervision, the triptych was executed by his pupil Andrew Dressely and himself with the very beautiful result." Mr. Charles M. Casey illuminated on parchment the words of the Communion Service. - S.H.F.


         The Chronicle for May 1916 reads: "The Transept Chapel is now installed and was in use for the first time on Easter Day. The work was done under the direction of Mr. Edwin J. Parlett. The materials for the dossal and hangings were supplied by Irving and Casson from a design by Mr. Ralph Adams Cram of Boston. The whole effect is one of great beauty and richness and contrasts oddly with the grey tone of the wall. The cost of the work was provided without solicitation by a group of donors whose names are not to be published." Woven in the fabric of the hangings is the tudor rose, a very old ecclesiastical emblem. This wonderful material was brought from Lyon.
         A chapel on the second floor of the Parish House antedated the Transept Chapel. Its furnishings - presented by Miss Annie and Miss M. Louise Stebbins - consisted of an altar, cross and vases, book rest, two chairs, two prayer desks, clergy stalls, chancel rail, and lectern. On the altar and cross was the inscription, "A. D. 1888, in Memoriam John Louis Stebbins, Dec. 10, 1877." The altar was designed by Davenport of Boston,


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