given by Miss Egbert. The banner was given to the Church School and was first used on the Easter Day of Dr. Slattery's resignation, March 27, 1910. This banner was designed to be carried in the procession on Easter Days.
         At the time of the World War, when the spirit of patriotism ran high, the use of the Flag of the United States was introduced into the services of the Church and the Church School. Several flags were given between the beginning of the war and the time of the entrance of the United States into the conflict. These consist of the chancel flags, one of the United States and one of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, given by Mr. Henry H. Skinner, Oct. 31, 1915; the processional flag of the United States, given by Col. Stanhope E. Blunt, March 1917' the flags of the allied nations, given by Mr. Henry H. Skinner; the Church School flag of the United States, a silk one, in the primary department, given by Miss Cheney, and other flags in the Church School which were purchased by the Church.
         During the war a service flag was contributed by the parish and hung in the church over the entrance door. It has a blue background, as prescribed by the government. The stars are fittingly arranged in the form of a cross.
         In the "Chronicle" for May 16, 1926, Col. Blunt wrote:
         "During eight years I have visited wither for service or merely for examination very many of our churches, and with hardly a single exception found the flags placed as now in Christ Church. Only last month I was in the Calvary Church in Summit, New Jersey, and in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, and there, as I found last winter in five churches in Florida and in Washington, the United Sates Flag was at the right hand side of the chancel as we all faced the altar.
         We place our processional flag of the chancel for the reason that the cross is given the place of honor at the right as we face the altar, so here again our general rule is followed." —M.W.K.


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