responsible to the Woman's Auxiliary, when they were transferred from the Department of Missions to that of Religious Education. Up to the present time there have been but five chairmen or leaders: Mrs. A. H. Brown, Mrs. Robert Barton, Miss Edith Blodgett, Mrs. M. H. Heckman, and Miss Florence Clark.
         The object is to enroll children from birth to school age; to urge upon parents, where necessary, the importance of Baptism, and of the early spiritual training of children, and to endeavor to keep in touch with these children and their parents. The duties of each child are the saying of a prayer and the dropping of a weekly offering in the Little Helpers' Mite Box. The formation of this branch strengthens the link that binds together the home and the Church School."
         There are at present about three hundred and fifty pupils enrolled in the school.


         An interest in Missions was manifested among the women of Christ Church in the early days before the founding of the Woman's Auxiliary, as is indicated in the old records of the Church. One statement by the Rev. Henry W. Lee, D. D., is as follows: "Dec. 29, 1838 the women belonging to the Parish formed for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Church." Some time after this he reported that they had appropriated $10.00 to the Massachusetts Board of Missions, April 1839. Later in a report of the Building Fund of the old Church on State Street, it is stated that the Ladies' Sewing Society contributed $200 for missions.
         During the rectorship of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks there was in Christ Church a Society of King's Daughters composed of different committees, each one meeting regularly by itself. In the year 1889 these committees were formed into separate organizations, the missionary and sewing committees becoming the Woman's Auxiliary to the Board of Missions. They met first in the rectory with an attendance of


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