twenty, the Rev. Mr. Brooks presiding, The records state that Mr. Brooks was elected president and Mrs. Lawton S. Brooks vice-president. Her efficient leadership as acting president continued for twenty-five years. She has paid the following tribute to many of the early workers: "Many faces rise before me and I wish I might tell you fully of all those earnest helpful women whose interest meant so much to the young organization. Mrs. Granger was one of the pioneers, and Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Kendrick, others. Mrs. Nathan Adams was always interested, and gave very generously, though never able to attend a meeting. Mrs. Egbert was a faithful supporter, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Hildreth, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Marshall, also. Miss Warren was our indefatigable head of the Working Department for many years, and many and many a fine box and barrel she planned and carried through for our missionaries, aided by many names I have not mentioned as well as those already given. Among those who have left us are also Miss Lucy Morton, Mrs. Burrell, Miss Burrell, Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Clark, each leaving her impress upon our memories. We think of their faithful work, their enthusiastic interest, as one by one their faces rise before us. I am sorry that I have no written history to which to turn, — one forgets dates so easily. Mrs. John C. Brooks was our first Secretary, if I am not mistaken. Later Miss Burrell, Miss Morton, Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Baxter and her mother, Mrs. Knight, I remember so well in the old days. Another Mrs. Knight, (Edwin), was an interested attendant at the meetings, and helpful in making them useful and instructive. I might run on in this way for some time, as one name after another comes to me." Other interested workers were Mrs. McClean and Mrs. Corcoran. Mrs. McClean faithfully studied and worked for missions. Her especial interest was the American Indian. The Misses Annie and Louise Stebbins have always been of great assistance through their generosity and hospitality. For many years Mrs. K. N. Washburn performed faithfully the duties of treasurer.
         The "Birthday Fund" was originated and submitted by the


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