secretary, Mrs. T. M. Granger, devoted worker for the Master, whose presence always graced the meetings with an atmosphere of spiritual devotion. The records state: "After a limited discussion it was voted to adopt the same." This method of raising funds by the Birthday Offering has been in operation new for over twenty-five years, The following quotation is taken from "The Pastoral Staff" of Eastertide, 1926:
         "A truly sweet and lovely soul has passed to the Church Expectant in the departure from us of Mrs. Timothy M. Granger of Christ Church, Springfield. For nearly thirty-seven years she strengthened and enriched the life of that parish. Her Rector has said of her, "Her influence was felt in every woman's organization. Her unremitting loyalty and devotion to Christ Church were factors that Rector after Rector has counted upon and benefited by." Especially will she be missed by the Diocesan Woman's Auxiliary, to which she left a generous bequest, as well as to the Guild of St. Barnabas, and the Diocesan Board of Mission.—T. F. D."
         In 1919-1920 the Woman's Auxiliary became the "Christ Church Branch in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Presiding Bishop and Council," with its object "To unite all women of this Parish in work for missions, religious education and social service and to increase missionary activities throughout the Parish." Every woman in the Parish is a member of the Auxiliary by virtue of her baptism.
         In 1926 a successful "Gold and Silver Offering" was collected by the national organization of the Woman's Auxiliary. The proceeds from the sales of the articles were used by the Board of Missions toward the fund for the re-building of St. Margaret's School, Tokyo which was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1923. Christ Church did her part to make the offering adequate.
         Much inspiration has been derived from sending a delegate to the Wellesley Conference in recent years.
         Presidents of the society following Mrs. Brooks have been Mrs. Granger, Mrs. McClean, Mrs. Seely, Miss Leonard, Mrs. Barrows and Mrs. Everett.


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