The Girls' Friendly Society in America has for its object:
         "To unite for Glory of God, in one fellowship of prayer and service, the women and girls of the Nation to uphold the Christian standard of honor and morality."
         It has in this Diocese about thirty Branches. The Christ Church Branch was started in July 1888 with Mrs. John Cotton Brooks as one of the first Branch Presidents. Under her wise guidance and with the aid of such faithful helpers as Miss Anna Leonard (Mrs. Eustace Bradley), Miss Katherine H. Leonard, Mrs. Charles H. Barrows, Miss Mary Rayner (now married), Miss Annie Stebbins, Miss Ella F. Parsons, Miss Margaret Crocker (Mrs. Lloyd), Miss Alice Crocker, Miss Florence Hawkins (Mrs. Thomas Dyer) the Branch was well established. It has continued to grow, and among the names of more recent years may be found these Associates.
         Miss Mary Medlicott, Miss Edith Hawkins (Mrs. Sidney Stevens), Miss Ethel Hawkins, Miss Josephine A. Smith, Mrs. Wilson R. Hodgdon, Mrs. Edgar H. Guild, Miss Josephine De W. Brooks, Miss Mary Louise Crane, Mrs. Franklin Slater, who either as Associate or Branch President made the Society fill an important place in the lives of girls who were its members. The number of members has varied but some of those who early joined the Branch are still connected with it, as Senior Members or as Married Members. In 1923 the thirty-fifth Anniversary of the Branch was delightfully observed. A banquet was held with about one hundred members and former members present. Many old friendships were renewed and old days recalled by the reading of letter from people who were members in those early days, and by anecdotes and stories told by those present, of the days when the G.F.S. was new in Christ Church.
         This Branch was one of the first in the Diocese to organize a group of Candidates, under the leadership of Mrs. E. O. Smith. These little girls learn the object and aims of the


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