Society and will later become members, and receive its badge. This badge is silver, and bears on it the words— "Bear ye on another's burdens." Mrs. J. B. Gleason is now the leader of the Candidated, while Mrs. E. O. Smith helps with the older girls of the G.F.S.
         Christ Church Branch has a very beautiful embroidered silk banner which is carried in the procession at the G.F.S. Festival Services. Among the recent Branch Presidents have been Miss Ella F. Parsons, Mrs. Karl Hammond, Mrs. John M. McGann, Mrs. Harry J. Ferry, Miss Ellen W. Egbert, and the present leader Mrs. Miles M. Hapgood.


         On Oct. 10, 1889 The "King's Daughters" Society, which later became the Parish Aid, was started in Christ Church. The Rev. John Cotton Brooks always presided at those early meetings. His interest and enthusiasm did much for the Society in those times. Mrs. Charles Barrows was the first secretary while other women prominent in Parish life followed her in this office. Among these were Mrs. F. W. Chapin, Mrs. C.P. Deane, Mrs. J. M. Ross, Mrs. Henry Hudson, Miss Lillian Clark, Miss C. Belle Woodman, Mrs. Mase Southworth, and Miss Abbey Shumway. Among former presidents we find the named of Mrs. D.P. Crocker, Mrs. T. M. Granger, Mrs. F. W. Chapin, Mrs. Charles Galacar, Mrs. Luke Corcoran and Mrs. A. C. Dutton.
         The King's Daughters really consisted of several sub-committees—whose names suggest their work: Chancel Committee, Sick and Poor, Hospitality, Sewing and Industrial Ten.
         After a year of two the Outlook Committee was added to get new Workers for the King's Daughters. March 3, 1893, it was voted to change the name of the Society to the Parish Aid and on Mary 12th of that year the Constitution was adopted which says that the "object of the Society shall be to aid the Rector by uniting the women of the Parish in Christian work


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