by stimulating activity and by creating friendly and social relations."
         As time went on new committees were formed. some whose work brought them in close contact were linked together, as for example the Flower Committee which worked under the direction of the Altar Committee. It was customary for various societies and committees to make a monthly report of work done to the Parish Air, which in its way acted as a sort of clearing house.
         Two large pieces of work these faithful women undertook, namely, the caring for the Church fabric, and for the Parish House, seeing that they were kept in repair and order. In this work, there were many helpers, but special mention ought to be made of Mrs. Charles W. Shaw who for eighteen years had the Parish House under her special care, of Miss Katherine Leonard, and of Mrs. George Leonard who saw that the Church was properly cared for.
         For some years the Parish Aid has held a fund, the interest of which provided flowers on the first Sunday in January in memory of the Rev. John. Cotton Brooks.
         Mrs. John W. Roberts has been Treasurer of the Parish Aid for almost fifteen years.
         The Society has been inactive since Feb. 1918.


         The Altar Guild, which was really the outgrowth of one of the Parish Aid Committees was started in January, 1908. Its object is the care of the Altar, its linens, hangings and sacred vessels. The first president was Miss Annie C. Stebbins, who still holds the office. The membership of the first year was twelve, while at present there are twenty-six names on the roll.
         The members of the Flower Guild, which is a Branch of the Altar Guild, place the Memorial Flowers given by members of the parish on the Altars, and see that they are afterwards distributed to the sick and shut-ins of the Parish.


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