The Guild of the Good Shepherd founded in 1889 during the early part of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks' ministry was then called the Sick and Poor Committee of the King's Daughters. It was re-organized by Dr. Slattery in 1908 with about twenty members. Miss Louise Stebbins was the chairman many years.
         Oct. 5, 1894 Miss Stebbins was elected by the Parish Aid to represent them at the Union Relief. After the Spanish War Miss Stebbins reported that the committee was caring for sick soldiers in their homes.

         There are forty-seven members at present including an auxiliary branch called the Good Shepherd Aid who make new garments for the poor. Social service case work is the object of the Guild leading to education and spiritual development. Miss Blackfan was the first president when it was re-organized. She held this office for ten years and is the present chairman. Mrs. William H. Chapin, Mrs. Arthur C. Dutton, Mrs. Edward Bradford and Mrs. Samuel Green have also held this office. At present Miss Blackfan and Mrs. Green hold a joint chairmanship, the former having charge of the social case work and the latter of the committee work.


         The Junior Auxiliary was organized in 1890. The Rev. John Cotton Brooks was the president ex officio. Mrs. Lawton S. Brooks, president, and Margaret Stebbins the first secretary.
         The original copy of the constitution in the Rev. Mr. Brooks' handwriting, is in the possession of Miss Daisy Beach. The purpose of the society was to train girls to become members of the Woman's Auxiliary. It was active and flourishing for five years or more.
         The attempt at merging the Junior Auxiliary with the Young Communicants' Society in 1902 marks the close of the children's missionary work for a while.
         In Nov. 1908, a joint branch of the Woman's Auxiliary was


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