organized with Miss Leslie Chapin, (Mrs. Townsend) as president. In 1913 the societies met in groups, a group in each district until 1914 when they combined in one group which continued until 1916. Then the missionary work of the boys and girls was carried on a few months under leadership of Mrs. McGann in connection with week day session of Church School.
         Now the missionary activities of the children and the young people are supervised by the Church School Service League in the Church School and by the Church Service League though the Girls' Friendly Society.


         One of the committees of the King's Daughters Society when the Rev. Mr. Brooks was rector was the Junior Auxiliary, composed of little girls. Their last leader was Mss Corinne Baker (Mrs. F. L. Everett). They met on Saturday mornings to sew.
         On Nov. 8, 1902. the Rev. Mr. Brooks invited some of the young women of the parish to form a society in co-operation with the Junior Auxiliary, whose members they should guide in their work for missions.
         This organization was called the "Young Communicants' Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Board of Missions." The Rev. Mr. Brooks. was elected as its president.
         It was speedily seen, however, that this was not a good arrangement and three months later the two societies separated. In March of 1903, Mrs. Ernest W. Baxter was elected president of the Young Communicants, and Mrs. Ralph Carleton vice-president. At its second meeting, held in the rectory, were Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Everett, Miss Egbert, Miss Lillian Clark (Mrs. W. S. Fisher), Mrs. Ralph Carleton, Miss Leslie Chapin, (Mrs. Charles Townsend), the Misses Brooks, Miss Annie Knight, and Mrs. F. S. Chapin.
         As the name "Young Communicants' Society" seemed unsuitable, it was proposed in 1905 to change the name. The choice lay between "St. Margarets Guild" and "Christ Church Guild."


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