The latter was chosen by one vote because one of the younger members who could not spell "Margaret" wrote "Christ Church Guild" on her ballot.
         Christ Church Guild is a parochial society, not a branch of the national organization. The meetings are held weekly. The first meeting of the month is devoted to business, a literary program and afternoon tea. Among the subjects studies other than mission have been Church History in England and America, Christian Art, Current Events in the Church and reviews of books touching upon religious subjects. At all save business meetings the members sew for missions and for other church purposed. An important feature of their work is visiting new members of the Parish or shut-in members of the Guild.
         Since its organization, it has been an unwritten law of the Guild that a contribution of money, or of supplies, must be sent each year to parish, city, diocesan, domestic, and foreign missions. The value of these gifts varies from $10.00 to $100.00. The Guild is sound financially, having a reserve fund of $100.00 and a growing memorial fund of $150.00. No individual has been permitted to contribute a large amount to either fund. They are both the accumulation of years. The memorial fund, which is entirely money earned by acts of self-sacrifice, is used toward furnishing the church.
         The words, of our former beloved rector, the late William Austin Smith, spoken n the occasion of the Guild's tenth anniversary in 1912 are as applicable today as they were when spoken. According to the Chronicle at that time, he "approved of the work that the Guild has done and is doing for Christ Church and laid especial stress upon the necessity for efficient leadership in securing such a result. Without the splendid enthusiasm and untiring fidelity of Mrs. Baxter, the Guild could never have become the valuable aid to the Parish life that it is." They loyal members of the Guild make its 25th anniversary a festal occasion when in the home of Mrs. F. L. Everett they honored their beloved president upon her 25 years of devoted leadership.


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