The purpose of the Guild, which at present numbers about 75 active members, is "to put forward the social life of the women of the Parish and to work for, and interest them in missions and other work of the church."


         The Mothers' Club of Christ Church whose object is to promote sociability among its members, interest in Christ Church and to spread information in child rearing and home making, was founded about the year 1894. It is one of the oldest societies in Christ Church. The first leader was Miss Alice Crocker, but the organization was perfected while Mrs. Arthur Dutton was the head of the society. The early membership was from twenty to thirty, while at present there are seventy names on the roll.
         The society has always been noted for its selectable suppers of home-made food and for the attractive array of domestic articles on its table at the parish fair. It does special work for St. Augustine's School, a colored mission in Raleigh, North Carolina, which they remember annually with money and boxes od clothing. At their meetings they are addressed by speakers on a variety of interesting subjects. Miss M. Louise Stebbins is the present beloved leader.


         On Oct. 8, 1914, while the Rev. Mr. Smith was rector, the Guild of St. Elizabeth was organized with a membership of thirty. Mrs. Annie H. Brown who was the first director, did much to assure the success of this new society for mothers with little children. The purpose of the Guild is to bring together some of the younger women who are not in any of the Church societies and who mass assist in the work of the Parish and enter more fully into the corporate life of the Church. As the Guild bears the name of a Saint, an effort is made to keep the


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