purpose more than social. A helpful feature of the society is the opportunity for the members to bring their children, who are entertained in a room apart during the meetings.
         At one time the Guild supported a boy at the Doane Orphanage. For two years they have been working in the "five fields of service," sending generous contributions to foreign and home missions, the Red Cross, the Community Chest and Christ Church apportionment. They even helped a former member who was stricken by the Florida hurricane. The Rector places great reliance upon them to prepare delectable suppers for various occasions. They now number sixty members. The directors succeeding Mrs. Brown have been Mrs. Raymond Wight, Mrs. Harcourt W. Bull, Mrs. Willard Leshure and the present director, Mrs. W. S. L. Hawkins.


         The local Branch of this society was started largely through the efforts of Mrs. T. M. Granger, June 19, 1916, with Bishop Davies as Chaplain, and Miss Helen Huestis as secretary. Although the officers and associated of the society must be Church women, nurses of all creeds may become members.
         The objects of the society are very well worth while; "To assist its members in realizing the greatness of their calling and in maintaining a high standard of Christian life and work and, by associating nurses together, and with them, other women as friends, to provide, under God's blessing, some of the comforts and power gained by such an association."
         The badge of the society is a bronze medal, stamped with a cross and bearing the motto of the Guild, "Blessed are the Merciful."
         There are about fifty members in the Springfield chapter, and while Bishop Davies is the Chaplain, the Rev. John Nolan, rector of St. Peters' Church, is the 1st Assistant Chaplain. The Rev. Wolcott Coit Treat the 2nd Assistant Chaplain. Mrs. Frederick H. King and Mrs. Alice Sharp have been Treasurers,


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