the latter being in office at present. Mrs. W. S. L. Hawkins has recently been succeeded by Mrs. Wm. E. Soule as secretary.


         Feeling need of a society for young people in Christ Church where young men and women could meet for social relaxation, the Fellowship Club was talked of during the last year of the Rev. Mr. Smith's rectorship. Many of the K. O. K. A. boys were interested. Later the organization was completed and for a short time the Club flourished. It has been discontinued.


         For a few years past there has been a troop of Boy Scouts in Christ Church. In 1921-22 troop No. 27 had for its troop committee the Rev. John McGann, the Rev. B. L. Ramsey and Mr. Thomas Moxon. At present the work for boys is being organized by Mr. Allen C. Reed.


         Mr. Allen C. Reed is the Captain of the Cub Scouts started in 1921. Their object is to prepare a boy to be a good scout. They have a membership of about 30 boys under 12 years of age.


         As near as can be ascertained, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew in Christ Church was organized in 1888 or 1889. The Rev. Mr. Brooks was president during its entire existence of about ten years. Among the charter members were Mr. W. C. Simons, Mr. Edmund P. Kendrick, Mr. John Parker, Mr. John Graham, Mr. Ernest W. Baxter and Mr. Stedman W. Craig.
         On Sept. 20, 1909, fifteen men met in the Rev. Dr. Slattery's study and reorganized the Christ Church Chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew with its Recotr as its first director. The chapter continued active with Mr. John W. Roberts as director until 1911.


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