The members promised to follow the rule of prayer and the rule of service and try to bring one man a week within hearing of the gospel.


         In 1893 the Rev. Edward Lincoln Atkinson, started a Trinity Club which was in active operation for two or three years.
         In January, 1915, The Rev. William Austin Smith organized a new Trinity Club which continued active for about two years. The Chronicle of that time states: "The name has been chosen with deliberate intention. Some of the older members of the parish will remember a former Trinity Club organized under the auspices of the late Edward Lincoln Atkinson. The influence of this inspired leader of men is still felt in the parish today and many a man looks back with longing and regret to the high ideals and fine good-fellowship that he found in this former organization and its earnest leader."
         Each man upon becoming a member signed a card bearing the following statement: "I believe that Christ Church stands for all that is best for me, for my family and for the city. Therefore I pledge my loyalty to Christ Church and will do all that I can to help it."


         The Knights of King Arthur is a society founded on the traditions of King Arthur and his Round Table, with its high ideals for purity of life, upbuilding of Christ's Kingdom and the overthrow of evil.
         The local chapter, Camelot Castle, was started in Christ Church on November 27, 1908, the Rev. Donald N. Alexander being the leader. Boys over the age of twelve years were eligible to membership and a large number of the young men of Christ Church were very active members. During the time when the Rev. Mr. Alexander was minister in charge the society was very strong. Many lasting friendships were formed.
         There is at present no local branch of the K. O. K. A.


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