In January, 1908, Dr. Slattery organized a Men's Club. Mr. F. W. Kilbourne was elected president. This club continued active till 1915.
         When the Rev. Mr. McGann became our rector he organized a Men's Club which, in 1920, became the Men's Luncheon Club, with Mr. D. E. F. Radasch as its first president. Col. Thales S. Ames was the president of the society which numbered about one hundred members. Its aim was to stimulate an interest among the men of the parish and to provide means whereby this interest might be expressed.


         The Knights of Washington, a society to promote fellowship among youg men, and to further the interests of the church, organized a local Chapter, Co, A, on October 4, 1920. The Very Rev. Edmund R. Laine, afterward Dean of the Cathedral of St. Luke, in Portland Maine, and then Associate Minister in Christ Church, did much to establish the local Chapter on a firm footing. There must be at least seven young men of sixteen years of age or older to form a company. The last Commander of Christ Church was the Rev. Benjamin L. Ramsey.



         In 1924 a society for the young people of the parish was formed through the efforts of the Rev. Mr. McGann and the Rev. Mr. Ramsey with the co-operation and assistance of the Rev. Malcolm Taylor, Provincial Education Secretary. The purpose of the Society is for self-expression in the spiritual life. The meetings are held every Sunday evening in the Parish House. A supper is followed by a discussion meeting. A great variety of subjects of vital interest to young people are taken up. The business and discussion are conducted entirely by the members, altho the clergy and one advisor have an active


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